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Our Transactional Legal Practice provides specialized services to clients operating in the rapidly evolving technologies. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in AI and cybersecurity.

Key Services:

  • Intellectual Property Transactions: We specialize in transactions involving intellectual property, including licensing agreements, joint development projects, and IP acquisitions. Our approach ensures that IP assets are effectively leveraged and protected.

  • AI Contract Review and Negotiation: We specialize in drafting and negotiating AI-focused contracts, ensuring clarity in licensing agreements, performance guarantees, data usage rights, and confidentiality obligations.

  • Data Model Licensing: Licensing AI models involves several legal issues that need careful consideration. Determining the ownership of AI-generated content and the underlying model is complex, including deciding who owns the rights to modifications or improvements made to the AI model. Navigating these legal issues requires a careful balance between protecting intellectual property, ensuring ethical use, and complying with existing laws and regulations.

  • Commercial Contracts and Agreements: We draft and negotiate a wide range of contracts crucial for emerging technology businesses, including software development agreements, service agreements, and distribution contracts, ensuring clarity and enforceability.

  • Strategic Alliances and Partnerships: Our attorneys facilitate the formation of strategic alliances and partnerships, ensuring that these arrangements are structured to maximize benefits and minimize risks for our clients.

Our transactional legal practice combines deep legal expertise with a thorough understanding of the technologies. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through complex transactions, helping them to capitalize on opportunities and navigate the challenges of a technology-driven business environment.

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